Wordbook and Lifestream

Just installed the Wordbook and Lifestream plugins on the blog. If all goes well when I publish this post to the blog, my facebook wall will also receive the update. I’m using the Lifestream plugin to display any of my facebook posts back to the blog. I like the idea of integrating my blog and facebook to make both sites more “fresh” with content. Let’s see if this works.

Petersen’s went Mobile

This blog site is now mobile! That’s right, for those who couldn’t wait to get to a desktop, you can now read my blog posts from a PDA, Blackberry, iPhone or most any other type of mobile device! Just use your mobile device and browse to this website!

I can even post entries to this blog from a PDA!  Sweet!!

Granted, blogging from a PDA is a bit cumbersome. I don’t see myself trying to upload pictures or files from a PDA. But to post a quick text update to the blog – Its fits the bill very nicely.

Its Awesome!

Spell Checker – Whoopie!

I got the spell checker plug-in working for this blog. Hopefully it will minimize my spelling errors! For fun I ran it against a few of my earlier posts.

Ouch – I have bad spelling. Fortunately for me, I’m no longer graded on my spelling. It also helps that the vast majority of the applications today have a spell checker built in. (God bless the ‘F7’ key stroke)

Setting up this Site

I finally got this site running close to where I wanted to get it. I managed to get wordpress 2.2 with gallery2 v2.2.2. I’ve settled on the K2 theme that is optimized with the WPG2 plug-in. This theme nicely displays the photos from gallery2. I also have tagging working using the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin.

Before installing Gallery2, I tried several different themes to get tagging to work correctly. With varying degrees of success, I found that K2 really was one of the few themes to work with UTW and not require modifications. The fact that there is a Gallery2 optimized version of K2 was icing on the cake.

I think I have all the major components working for this site. Though I doubt I’m done with tweaking it. For now I’m going to try to be content with it and focus on organizing the photos database. I’m sure everyone can relate to the fact that with having a digital camera, we typically have more photos that we can print. Hopefully I can setup this online photo album in some sort of organized way.