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Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

The annual Petersen pumpkin carving contest was again a complete success.  We had four entries this year.  Mom was supposed to be an impartial judge, so of course she declared everyone a winner. SMH.


Pumpkin Carving

As the kids get older Pumpkin carving takes on a different dimension in the Petersen household.  Every year the carvings get more elaborate and I actually have less to do.  We have several of the carving kits that allow you to saw the pumpkins while following a picture.  This year Jill went with a very traditional carving, but she insisted that she could do the whole thing by herself.  And you want to know something, she was right.  MJ went with a witch riding a broomstick with a half moon in the background.  For some reason we didn’t capture a picture of it.  Although it really came out great!

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