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Aladdin on Broadway

logo-aladdin-newA few days after Christmas, we had family day in NYC.  We took MJ and Jill to see Aladdin on Broadway.  I managed to get really good seats, third row orchestra.

Jill, who normally cannot sit still for 30 minutes, loved the play.  She came home, downloaded some of the songs and walks around the house singing.

Just before the show we walked around Rockefeller center and had dinner at Trattoria Trecolori on 47th Street.

Plays & Concerts

Kinky Boots

kinkybootsThe Broadway play, Kinky Boots, is awesome.  Cathy and I took Lindsey and Elizabeth on Tuesday, Dec 1st.  We got lucky, that night was Wayne Brady’s debut as Lola.  He was absolutely fantastic!

Wayne Brady brought an unbelievable amount of energy to the show.  The music and dancing was just superb.  Kinky Boot’s is in my top 5 Broadway plays of all time.


Nice Work if you can get it

Cathy and I tend to celebrate the day we met more than our actual anniversary.  So this past weekend we went into the city to catch a Broadway play and a nice dinner.

We went to see the musical “Nice Work if you can get it” with niceworkifyoucangetitMatthew Broderick.  Unfortunately the understudy was performing in place of him.  Still, the play was excellent.  The two thugs were hilarious.  A couple of the songs, such as “Blah, blah, blah” were just out right funny.  Blythe Donner also had a small part towards the end.  I was disappointed in her performance.  Her part was very small and didn’t add to the story.  It felt like her part was an add-on to help ticket sales.  Setting her character aside, this musical was very enjoyable and worth seeing.

For diner we went to “The View” restaurant on top of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  The meal was nice, the view was very good.  Having diner alone with my wife, with out interruption from the kids was priceless.

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