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Busted Jet Ski

The jet ski season has just started and we have already busted one ski.  Jenna was down visiting MJ this weekend.  We figured we would have an afternoon of fun on them. As MJ left the ramp area, his ski … Continue reading

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Jetskis on the Navesink

MJ & I rode the jetskis on the Navesink on Sunday, 6/14. I used “My Tracker” on my cell phone to record the trip. The jetskis are older machines and I’ve always wondered the speed and distances we travel on … Continue reading

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Jet Ski Engine Bites the Dust

One of the jet skis has been having engine problems.  Initially the engine was very hard to start.  It would turnover easy enough, but wouldn’t fire.  After cleaning the carbs, the engine would start, but then it would backfire and … Continue reading

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Grrrr – I was klutzy this weekend

Saturday it was beautiful here on the Jersey Shore.  The temp was in the 70’s with blue sky.  I decided to work on the one Jetski.  I still have the engine apart because of the cracked water jacket.  I have … Continue reading

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