Citrix Client on Fedora 15

Recently I needed to use the Citrix client to connect to a virtual desktop. With Fedora 15, installing the Citrix client has gotten easier, but it still has some pitfalls. I could not get the Citrix client to run on 64-bit Fedora 15, only the 32-bit version. The problem with 64-bit was with OpenMotif and the support libraries that Citrix is expecting. Installation on 32-bit was easier.

1). Install OpenMotif. On Fedora type “sudo yum install openmotif”. The necessary library LibXp will be installed as a dependency.

2). Install the Citrix client. Go to Citrix web site, download the right Citrix receiver for your system.

The first time running the Citrix receiver, I received an SSL error. After some searching I found that the prerequisite SSL certificate is not automatically installed into the Citrix keystore. The exact error message I received was “you have not chosen to trust UTN-USERFirst-Hardware, the issuer of the servers security certificate (SSL Error 61)”.

To resolve the error I had to export the appropriate certificate from Mozilla and copy it into the Citrix keystore. To export it from Mozilla, go to “edit/preferences/advanced”. Click on the “encryption” tab and then on “view certificate”. Click on the “authorities” tab and scroll down the appropriate certificate. In this case it is the UTN-USERFirst-Hardware certificate. Click on export to save it to a file. Then copy that file to the Citrix keystore. The keystore is located at /usr/lib/ICAclient/keystore/cacerts.

After copying the necessary certificate, the Citrix receiver client fired up and connected to my server flawlessly.

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