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Lost and Found My Phone

Samsung S4

Last night I discovered my phone was missing.  I knew I had it on the bus coming home.  In the house I realized it was not in the holster.  After searching the car I figured it was somewhere on the bus.

Cathy called the bus line to find out the bus was heading back to NYC for another run.  We thought that if I was lucky I might get the phone back in a couple for days.

I use Sprint’s family locator app to track the where abouts of MJ and Jill.  Actually I track their phones and because they would never separate from the phones, I can reliable find them.  The family locator app sends periodic messages to all the phones that I have tracking turned on, so Cathy and the kids all know that I can track them.

After getting off the phone with the bus line, Cathy turned to me and asked if I could track the phone with that software.  I had MJ install the family locator software on his phone and configure it to track mine.  We then spent the next 2 hours watching my phone travel up the turnpike, into the Port authority bus terminal and back down the turnpike.  We quickly called the bus line to find out the route the bus was taking and the stops.  Turned out the last stop was in our home town, Lincroft.

As we watched the bus travel, MJ and I drove over to the bus stop.  We had to wait only 5 minutes for the bus to arrive.  The bus line sent a text to the driver that someone lost their phone on the bus.  As I approached the bus, he was fully aware of  why I was there.  The phone was resting nicely between the wall of the bus and the seat.

The only downside was that before we started tracking the phone, I had started to look at the new Samsung S5.  Guess now I’ll have to wait a year before I upgrade to that phone.

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