BSA Troop 110 Diving

Discover SCUBA

A few weeks ago we had the Scouts who are going to SeaBase this summer participate in a Discover SCUBA at Dosil’s Dive Shop.  I’ve always been skeptical about the program and wondered “does anyone really get anything out of it”.  After seeing the Discover SCUBA program I’m hooked.  If you are thinking about getting certified in SCUBA diving, you really should try the Discover SCUBA.

The concerns I had with the Scouts is if they would be able to clear their ears and would they be comfortable underwater.  The program answered both questions for me.  It also lifted the boys spirits and got them excited about this summer’s trip.

The whole program took about 2 1/2 hours.  Tony, our dive instructor, took the boys through a series of drills like clearing their mask, clearing the regulator, how to surface and how to work the buoyancy compensator. After each Scout demonstrated that they could perform each of the tasks, they were allowed to go into the deep end of the pool.

In all told the Scouts were in the deep end of the pool for about 45 minutes.  They are all looking forward to the certification classes which we’re going to begin around the end of April.


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