BSA Troop 110

Troop Trailer

So early in the month of April, Dave & I were busy getting the Troop’s trailer ready for the Turkey Swamp camping trip. Here’s a picture of the inside with the shelves. At the rear of the trailer we decided thatdrawers would really help organize us with the repair kits, extra parts and the small stuff we need to support the troop during a camp-out. We also decided to custom size the shelves for the gear in order to maximize the space usage. The right hand side of the trailer we left open, so that we could put the tables and bear box in. With the tables on the right hand side, the weight of the trailer is very close to being equally distributed between the wheels.

Here is a close up of the drawers that I made. With the Scouts being a rough as they are, I thought having the drawers made with finger joints would help them stand up to the abuse. Plus the finger joints look really cool. I was able to use the finger joint jig that I made a few years ago. The jig runs on my table saw and controls the spacing. The jig fully adjustable, so it take a bit of effort to get the spacing just right. Once you do, the joints come out looking great.

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