Family Vacation

Cruise to Yelapa

On Tuesday we took a power catamaran to Yelapa. Yelapa is a small village that can be accessed only by boat.  The two main jobs that support the village is the daytime tourism and fishing.

Along the way to Yelapa we stopped in a cove just south of Vallarta to snorkel and kayak.  The water was beautiful.  Jill and I took full advantage of the snorkelling and kayaking.

Yelapa is in a cove off the main bay of Vallarta. The town is built into the hillside.  The roads are way to small for cars.  The principle means for transporting bulk items through town is with mules or ATV’s.  The 2 modern conveniences that were noticeable was electricity and satellite dishes.

We walked through the town, up the hill to a waterfall.  The water was cold and fresh.  After walking through town it was a welcomed relief!

Down by the water, the golden sand beach was pristine.  Although with the temperature being in the upper 80’s, the sand was very hot to walk on.  Walking in the surf zone was a must.

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