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Barbecue Rebuild (We’re talking major surgery)

We bought our current barbecue about 5 years ago.  Within a few weeks after purchasing the grill, the propane regulator failed in the open position.  Basically the propane free flowed and the grill reached a temperature of about 700 degrees.  The knobs and control valves all melted.  Cathy called up Charbroil.  Of course they claimed we didn’t clean the grill and it was grease that burned.  Cathy did not let them off the hook.  She called in multiple times.  Finally one of the customer service reps sent us the parts to rebuild the grill.

Over the course of two or three weeks we received three different boxes of parts for the grill.  My guess is each customer service rep she contacted went and sent the parts without telling her.  We had enough parts to build the grill twice over.  So I took the parts I needed to rebuilt our new grill.  I took all the remaining parts and stored them in the shed on one of the shelves.

After 5 years of a lot of use, the grill is in very sad shape.  The grates are all rusty.  The burners and covers are crumbling.  The grease pan is coming apart.  Time to pull the plug.  Not!  It’s time to pull out all the extra parts Charbroil sent us.

With all the parts I had available, I was able to rebuild the entire grill.  New burners, covers, grates.  New lid.  New valves, knobs and propane regulator.  I had to purchase a new thermostat that attached to the top of the lid.  Cathy was able to order a new grease pan for just under $20.00.  The cabinet is really the only part I had to re-use.  With luck the grill is good to go for another 5 years.

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