Family Vacation

Horseback Riding

One of the activities Jill loves to do is go horseback riding.  Just about every vacation at some point we end up on horses.

This horse back trip took us down by the beach near the ocean and through some mangroves.

What jumped out at me was the amount of trash that was on the beach and along the roads.  The tour guide made a comment about the French just throwing away their water bottles, but that doesn’t explain the TVs and washer machines that were also strewn about.  The place we went to for horseback riding was only 10min from the resort.  It was easily the most dirty place on the island.  All during the week we were from one end of Basse Terre to the other side of La Grand Terre island.

Riding the horses along the ocean was different.  The ocean view was great.

Being the last day of vacation, the 4 hour ride was a bit long and hot.  By the end of the third hour we all wanted to get off the horses.

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