Hey Dad, There’s water all over the backyard…

“Hey Dad, there’s water all over the  backyard…” was the Saturday morning greeting from my daughter two weekends ago.  “Who left the faucet on” was my reply.  “No, the water is coming from inside the house”  was her rebuttal.

So began a fun filled day.

The pipe leading to the outside faucet broke just inside the house.  Fortunately is was just behind the spigot, so most of the water shot out of the house and didn’t end up in the basement.

The one joy to this repair was getting to it.  The pipes for the spigot are under the kitchen.  To get there I had to go into the crawl space, wiggle through a small opening to a smaller crawl space.  I had to crawl on my belly and lay on my back to do the work.  This picture was taken of me wiggling through the small opening.

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