AntiVirus Software

Anti-virus Software is universally accepted today as a necessity.  Anyone using a PC without an Anti-virus software package is thought to be foolish or reckless.  Most people are very good about installing Anti-virus software when hey first purchase a new PC.  The majority of people allow their annual subscription to run out after a year, so they no longer receive updates.  Having Anti-virus software that is out of dat is just as bad as not running with Anti-virus software.

If you’re like me and you have several machines in the house, the $40 to $60 subscription fee per machine can add up to be a significant yearly expense.  With the kids in the house, I can’t even think about running the risk of not having Anti-virus software.

Well, there is a very nice solution to my problem – AVG.  For the home PC’s AVG has a free version of Anti-virus software that is on par with Norton and McAfee.  Under the free version licensing, each owner can have a single copy installed for personal use.  Since MJ and Jill each has their own laptop that is strictly for their own use, I can have a copy on each of their PC’s.

If you’re tired of paying annual subscriptions, or if you have allowed your subscription to run out, I would encourage you to check out Free AVG version.

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