Dutch Springs

Last Sunday I got to Dutch Springs for a day of diving. Both Mark and Rich dove with me. This was my first time to Dutch Springs and we got 3 dives in for the day. Needless to say it wasan awesome day. The first dive was out to the underwater platform to practice our skills. Then we went to the school bus for a nice swim through. All of the underwater objects have been made completely safe for divers. There are ropes leading to most of the objects, making navigation a no brainer.

The second dive was out to the Cessna and then to the Sikorsky helicopter. From the Cessna to the helicopter we used our compass to navigate. On the first pass, we missed the helicopter. Rich and I had to surface to get our bearings. The helicopter is suspended by large floats about 20′ off the bottom. You can easily swim through the structure. On this dive I had my 135 cubic inch tank with me. It s a high pressure tank, 5250psi.  I’m calling that bottle my never ending tank. I bought it specifically for the deeper dives. I got tired of having short dives with the 80’s cubic inch tanks. Well it did just nice. At the end of a 45 minute dive to depths of 50-60′, I still had 1900psi in the tank.

The third dive Mark & I tried to navigate to Hellcat plane by compass. We did find the Hellcat. Although in true fashion, Mark & I had several laughs underwater. Especially when I flip-flopped the compass heading and took us straight into an underwater cliff.

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