Viva La Mexico

I can’t believe we have been home almost a full week from Cancun, Mexico.  I brought my computer with the intent of blogging while on vacation.  I did manage to upload some photos while I was there.  But never got to write a post.

The trip was amazing.  We took a jungle boat tour, snorkeled on some of the reefs, went parasailing, toured Chichen Itsa (Mayan ruins), swam in a Cenote, went Scuba diving, toured a real haceinda, went horseback riding, sailed a hobby cat and went sea kayaking.

Check out the pics!  I’ve uploaded about 60 pictures.  We actually took around 1600 photos on trip.  Between everyone we had 3 really good digital cameras and everyone was shoot.

The resort, Sunset Lagoon & Marina, that we stayed at was fabulous.  The staff really made the trip memorable.

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