Melissa’s Cake

One of the primary reasons for starting this blog was to display the family photos. Well, it took awhile, but I been loading photos up into the Gallery. This is great, because I can share with the world photos like the following:

Back on June 9th, right after Jill’s recital, we had a few friends over for cake and coffee. One of the running family jokes is to always ask if the icing on your cake smells funny. If you pull the cake near you face, you know someone will give the cake a nudge into your nose.


On this night Audie, Melissa’s husband,tells MJ that he can make a quick $10 if he pushes the cake into Melissa’s face. MJ, of course, does not hesitate.

It was probably the easiest $10 MJ has made to date! Although I think Audie will continue to pay for sometime to come.

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