Teguise Market

On Sunday’s, the town of Teguise has an open market. Teguise is situated north of Arrecife on highway LZ-10. It is equally distant from the east and west coast in the interior of the island. It is about a 20-25 kilometer drive from where we are in Puerto Del Carmen.

The open air market takes over the town every Sunday. All the side streets have booths lining each side of the street. Vendors, families and people hawk their goods. Tour operators have special buses to bring in the tourists from all over the island.

We drove up to Teguise to have some fun. We were able to buy a few things that were made on the island. We have no idea if we were able to haggle a good deal or not, but it was a lot of fun trying.

After leaving Teguise, we decided to explore the northern end of the island. We continued our way up LZ-10 through Haria, into Guinate and then into Mirador del Rio.