Math at 8am…Really???

This morning MJ’s smart phone alarm began ringing at 8am. I asked him to set it so we wouldn’t over sleep. I picked up the phone to turn off the alarm. No matter what I did, the alarm wouldn’t shut off. MJ came into the room and took the phone to shut it off. It took him about 5 solid minutes to shut it off. At the time it didn’t make sense why it took so long, but I didn’t question it. I was happy to have the alarm clock go silent.

Tonight at dinner we were talking about the alarm clock and why I couldn’t turn it off. MJ informed me that he uses Alarm Clock Plus. An app were you have to solve a math problem in order to turn off the alarm. He keeps hitting the snooze button on a normal alarm and never wakes up. With this app, he has to wake up enough to figure out the solution to the math problem. Thus preventing him from just hitting t he snooze and not waking up.

While I give him accolades at this solution that works for him, There is just something wrong where I have to figure out a math problem that early in the morning.