Yesterday, Tuesday afternoon, we drove down to Puerto Blanc. Puerto Blanc was a small fishing town turned into tourist area and is about 25 kilometers south of where we are staying in Puerto Del Carmen. The marinas and water front dominate the town.

We took a 2 hour tour of the beaches on a Segway. It was only the four of us with our guide. Ultimately I believe our guide took a liking to us, our tour ended being just a little over three hours long. The first hour we spent learning to control the Segway’s under various conditions. The kids took to controlling the machines very quickly.

After our lessons to drive these fun little machines, our guide took us out to two different beaches within Puerto Blanc. Between the beaches we had to drive up and over the cliffs that separated the beaches.

I would highly recommend giving Mario a call at Moving Segway if you want to explore the Puerto Blanc beaches in a unique way.



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