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Hey Dad, There’s water all over the backyard…

“Hey Dad, there’s water all over the  backyard…” was the Saturday morning greeting from my daughter two weekends ago.  “Who left the faucet on” was my reply.  “No, the water is coming from inside the house”  was her rebuttal. So … Continue reading

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Replaced the Sidewalk

Over the past years the trees have been spreading their roots under the driveway and the sidewalks.  Recently the sidewalks have gotten lifted at odd angles.  The portion of the sidewalk over the driveway has started to rock as the cars are … Continue reading

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Reprogramming the Comcast Remote

Comcast swapped out my cable box to resolve an intermittent problem that has been occurring the past few weeks.  They gave us a Cisco/Scientific Atlanta box.  The universal remote that came with the cable box was platinum colored. The universal … Continue reading

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Rebuilt the Stairs

On Good Friday I decided to start the rebuilding of the stairs in the house.  The old stairs were made of popular / pine and were stained black.  When we moved into the house, I had the carpet guys just … Continue reading

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Supermoon Saturday

This has me interested. This Saturday’s full moon will also be a “supermoon”. The moon will be at its perigee just as it peaks as a full moon, between 11:35pm and midnight tomorrow night. The moon is suppose to be … Continue reading

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