Bluetooth Headsets

I’ve been wanting to get a blue tooth stereo headset to complement the Droid.  I really like the sound quality the Droid has, but hated the dangling wires that came with the ear buds.  Wired headsets were worse, because they would slide off my head when I was in a middle of an activity.

Last month for my birthday the kids bought me the Motorola S9 headsets.  I have to say it was a great birthday present.  They work great, they sound great and they are very light weight.  There are three buttons on each side of the headphones to control music play, volume and to answer incoming calls.

When I go jogging, biking or hiking, the head set stays firmly in place.  Ever try jogging with ear buds?  Forget it, they were constantly falling out.  These headphones stay in place.  If your looking for a new toy to add to your Droid, this headset is definitely worth the money.

I’ve moved to Mocha Host

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and host my blog elsewhere.  No longer is it on a server in my basement.  I’ve moved the site to a virtual server at Mocha Hosting. The cost alone of running the server 7×24 is about $100 per month in electric.  Where as at Mocha I’m getting a virtual Linux box with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for $4 per month.

With the move, I also had to change my domain name.  The .ws top level domain sites are a real pain to transfer.  There are alot of articles telling people that the  TLD .ws stands for “website” however it really is for the country Somoa.  As such, the registry for the .ws domains is not consistently managed.  For the my new domain, I’ve registered “” domain name.  I’ll have the domain until June 2011.