Grrrr – I was klutzy this weekend

Saturday it was beautiful here on the Jersey Shore.  The temp was in the 70’s with blue sky.  I decided to work on the one Jetski.  I still have the engine apart because of the cracked water jacket.  I have two new water jackets with the exhaust manifold all ready to go on.  Cylinders are all honed.  I cut the rave exhaust valves to clear the pistons.  Everything was all set.

As I was setting the water jackets on the lower half of the engine, I let one piston slip and hit the exhaust baffle.  Boop went a piece of the ring on  the one piston.  Damn.  Now I’m waiting until March 20th when the new rings should arrive.  After the incident I decided to replace all the rings in the engine.

After I messed up the piston ring, I decided to replace the VTS motor.  This is a small electric motor that raises and lowers the angle of the jet pump.  The old motor had died and the case was corroded.  It was easy to replace.  Now I have to wait to finish getting the engine back together before I can test the VTS motor.

I fully expect to have both machines back into the water before this month is over.  I’m just very frustrated with myself for being a damn klutz.

The Home Network

Lately I’ve been on a kick upgrading the computers in the house.  Most of the machines are dual Xeons with 4Gb or 8Gb of ram.  I just added a 1.5Tb drive to one machine that was running out of space.  It had a 40gb drive in it and it was full.  I went through looking to dump what ever I could, but it only amounted to a few Gb free.

I also had to add a 8-port switch.  I have a 16-port switch downstairs where I have the server gear, but I need more ports in the den.  I’m wondering if it was a good idea to go with the 8-port switch and not the 16-port switch.  At the time the store I was in only had the 8-port switch and I didn’t feel like driving around.

The one purchase that I made that has just proven itself to be so valuable was a D-Link print server.  It can handle up to 4 printers.  I know, it was a simply thing to add, but what a difference to be able to print from anywhere.  I’ve got the laser printer and the Epson photo printer attach to it.  The only bummer is that I have to go into the den to turn the printers on if I want to print.  A lot of the times I’m in the family room with the laptop and have to walk to the other end of the house. Yes, on occasion I get lazy and yell for one of the kids to turn on the printer or retrieve the printouts for me.

The one box that I haven’t upgrade is the Apple G4.  I did add some ram to bump it to 4Gb.  That box has found some new life with my daughter.  She likes to play her games on it.  She likes the idea of having a machine that is basically only used by her.

That leads me to another thought.  I am amazed at the kids.  I have XP, Vista, Mac OS X and Fedora Linux in the house on various machines.  Majority of the boxes run Linux, from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora 10.  But it doesn’t matter to them.  They jump from box to box without thinking about the operating system.  Most adults I know have issues running a single operating system.  Not them.  Its seamless to them.  I cant help but wonder what the technology will be like when they are adults and start having difficulty adopting to it.