Training Wheels – No More…

Well, Jill has finally got the hang of riding her bike.

This past Wednesday, Jill talked MJ into removing the training wheels on her bike. It is nice that MJ knows how to do some of the mechanical tasks now. The kids aren’t totally dependent waiting for me to come home from work.

She was able to ride for short distances. Then she got tired and put the training wheels back on. Thursday the training wheels came off for good. By Friday she had no issues starting or stopping the bicycle. Jill even rode over the grass.

With Labor Day weekend upon us, Sandy Hook will soon start their off season rates at the park. If the weather is good next Saturday, I’m sure we’ll be heading over there with all of our bicycles!

Viva La Mexico

I can’t believe we have been home almost a full week from Cancun, Mexico.  I brought my computer with the intent of blogging while on vacation.  I did manage to upload some photos while I was there.  But never got to write a post.

The trip was amazing.  We took a jungle boat tour, snorkeled on some of the reefs, went parasailing, toured Chichen Itsa (Mayan ruins), swam in a Cenote, went Scuba diving, toured a real haceinda, went horseback riding, sailed a hobby cat and went sea kayaking.

Check out the pics!  I’ve uploaded about 60 pictures.  We actually took around 1600 photos on trip.  Between everyone we had 3 really good digital cameras and everyone was shoot.

The resort, Sunset Lagoon & Marina, that we stayed at was fabulous.  The staff really made the trip memorable.

Circle Line Tour

3815Last Sunday we pretended to be a tourist and went on the Circle Line around Manhattan.  My grandmother was up from Houston and we wanted to do something that involved the whole family.  It’s been a few years since we took the CircleLine tour.   While the tour boats themselves haven’t changed, the views are outstanding.