May 8th – The End of an Era

I finally did the unthinkable. I got rid of the Honda Accord. After 10 years in the family we bid the car Adios!

The Honda was a great little car. I had 259,000 miles on it and it was still going. The car was starting to show signs of age. It was time for something new. My big fear was that the potential repair bills was going to get expensive to keep the car on the road.

So here I am on May 8th, getting ready to drive the Honda for the very last time. Yes – it was a sad moment for the Petersen family. (Although I was over joyed at getting a new car) My son told me that it was the only car he remembered me driving. The car was in the family for three years before Jill came along.

But as luck would have it, I replaced the Honda with a Honda! I went of the Honda Ridgeline. It’san SUV / Pickup. The versatility is perfect for the families current needs.  At least that’s how I pitched the idea to my wife.

I’ve been driving the vehicle for the past 2 weeks and I absolutely love it!

Troop Trailer

So early in the month of April, Dave & I were busy getting the Troop’s trailer ready for the Turkey Swamp camping trip. Here’s a picture of the inside with the shelves. At the rear of the trailer we decided thatdrawers would really help organize us with the repair kits, extra parts and the small stuff we need to support the troop during a camp-out. We also decided to custom size the shelves for the gear in order to maximize the space usage. The right hand side of the trailer we left open, so that we could put the tables and bear box in. With the tables on the right hand side, the weight of the trailer is very close to being equally distributed between the wheels.

Here is a close up of the drawers that I made. With the Scouts being a rough as they are, I thought having the drawers made with finger joints would help them stand up to the abuse. Plus the finger joints look really cool. I was able to use the finger joint jig that I made a few years ago. The jig runs on my table saw and controls the spacing. The jig fully adjustable, so it take a bit of effort to get the spacing just right. Once you do, the joints come out looking great.

Time Warp

First off – I can not believe almost 2 months has gone by since my last post!!

The month of April was busy and the month of May is looking to be just as bad. Oh, wait, next week is the end of May. It real has been as bad a April!!

A lot has happened in the past 2 months. Dave & I completed the Troop trailer and we’ve taken it on 2 camping trips. Both camping trips were a success. Cathy &I decided the 98′ Honda Accord was near the end of its life. So with 259K miles on it and before it began to wear out mechanically, we traded it in for a Honda Ridgeline. I’ve had the new car for three weeks and love it. This past weekend was the second spring camping trip with the scouts. I ended up towing the troop trailer with the Ridgeline. Absolutely no issues, it was great.

I’ve got photos of the different trips with the Scouts. As I get them posted, I’ll included them in a few posts and try to catch back up!!

As far as diving goes, I haven’t even had time to look at my gear. Forget about actually getting into the water. Hopefully, maybe within the next week or two I’ll coax Mark into a quick dive……