Apple & Pumpkin Picking

We went to Battleview Orchards over by Monmouth Battlefield Park for some apple and pumpkin picking today. Its the freshest apples you will ever have – straight off the tree and into our bags.

We try to go every fall. It’s a blast to have the kids run through an orchard picking apples. Last year we had two full bushels of apples. There were more apples in the house than we could reasonably use. Today we managed the number of bags of apples alot better. We came home with two full bags of apples and 4 large pumpkins.

During this week we’ll be carving the pumpkins!

Also I picked up a pumpkin for this coming Friday. On Friday, Divers Two is having their annual under water pumpkin carving contest.

NJ State Police BSA Camporee

The 2007 NJ State Police Boy Scout Camporee was an amazing event! Over 9,500 scouts from the state of New Jersey attended the camporee in Sea Girt, NJ. It was held on October 5th, 6th and 7th. The State Police really went all out with an amazing event.

There were so many scouts that I could capture all of them in a single photo!

The State Police had demonstrations from virtually every department, division or group within the State Police. Here are some of the departments that were there: Aviation, Cavalry, Bomb Squad, BioHazard & Chemical Response, Forensics, Criminal Investigation, Park Police, Game Conservation, SCUBA Team, Beach and Shore Patrol, SWAT Team, Hazmat, and Search & Rescue Squad… There was alot more there! I can’t remember all of them. The scouts saw demonstrations of automatic weapons by the sniper team and an assault on a building by the SWAT team that began with them fast roping out of a helicopter.