Family Vacation to Maine – Part II

Here are some pics from the top of Table Top Rock.  We were about 900 feet above the valley floor.





On Thursday we took the high speed ferry from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The ferry was a really nice way to travel.  The trip over took 5 hours.  The ferry has 3 movie lounges, 3 food courts, a casino and several observation lounges.  Going over MJ Jill slept most of the way.  On the way back we took advantage of the movies.  I enjoyed the casino.


Yarmouth is a sleepy fishing town. We easily walked the town, enjoying some of the restaurants and shops.

The only bummer about the trip was the drive home.  In total, it took 8 hours to drive back to NJ.  Still I could be convinced to explore the Portland and Bar Harbor areas.

Family Vacation in Maine.

We’re midway through the week and our vacation in Maine has been excellent so far!  The resort is very nice with all the amenities.

On Sunday morning, MJ and I walked to the top of Jordan Mountain.  It took us a full hour to walk up.  We spent some time walking around the ski lifts and then came back down.  In the afternoon, we drove to the top of Mount Washington, which is the highest peak in the entire North East.  At the base it was 69 degrees, at the top of the mountain it was 21 degrees.  It was an eight mile drive up with the road being just wide enough for 2 cars to pass each other with inches to spare.

On Monday we took ATV’s out.  Cathy and I each drove one with the kids on the back.  It was a blast.  Its Wednesday and Cathy is still recovering!

Tuesday we went Horseback riding.  Jill got to ride her own horse!  In the Poconos we go on trail rides all the time.  This was different.  Everyone had to control the horse through the trails.  We even got to trot with the horse.  Jill and MJ had an absolute blast.

Today we went to Grafton State Park.  I thought the trail we were walking was going to be a relatively simple trail.  Whoops!  It was a 900 foot climb to the top of Table Rock.  We had a great view once we got there.

Tomorrow we’re planning to take the ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Get Ready, Get Set for St Lawrence

We had the group meeting for the dive trip to the St. Lawrence River this past Monday night. Before then I wasn’t really getting excited about the trip. It was still a week away and I still had a lot to do at work. Well, once we walked through some of the dives and what to expect for conditions, it was hard not to be excited.

We’ll be diving some steel hulled shipwrecks as well as 200 year old wooden wrecks. Because of the cold fresh water, the wooden ship wrecks are still largely intact! Some of the wrecks are in the shipping channel, which poses their own special requirements. We’re actually staying in Brockville Ontario. Most of the dives are in Canadian water, however a few are in US waters.

We’ve been told to expect water temps in the 70-73 degree range. That’s way to warm for the dry suit, so I’ll be diving wet. The visibility is usually in the 20 to 40 foot range. No where near Caribbean visibility, but it is much better than what I’ve gotten accustomed to off the coast of NJ.

There will be10 of us travelling up to Brockville this Sunday. Hopefully a few of my fellow divers will have underwater cameras. I want to take a laptop and camera with me. I’m hoping that there will be a wifi access point so I can blog each night about the dives and have some photos to share.