Manasquan Wreck Dive

We tried to dive the Manasquan wreck today. It is an unidentified wooden shipwreck that became grounded and the surf broke it up. The wreck is about 1000 feet off the coast in front of Pompano Ave in Manasquan, NJ. It’s reported to be in about 30 feet of water.

When we arrived this morning, the fog was so heavy we couldn’t see the landmarks to navigate to the wreck. So instead of wasting a tank of air when we knew there was no hope of finding, we went to our alternate dive site – the Pt. Pleasant RR Bridge.

Upon arriving at the RR bridge, there was a class of students prepping to enter the water for one of their open water dives. In talking to one of the instructors, we discussed our approach to the dive so we would stay away from the class. It was a good dive, although both of us were disappointed that we couldn’t get off shore today.

If the weather cooperates, we’re going to try the Manasquan wreck next Saturday.

Diving with your Blackberry

I picked up my Dry Suit with all the new seals.  Of course, I couldn’t wait for the next dive.  So I spent an hour getting the seals cut to fit me perfectly and eagerly put the Dry Suit on.  I had Cathy zip it up, purged the air out and threw on my weight belt.  Without hesitation, I jumped into the pool in the backyard and went snorkelling around for 45 minutes.

As I was getting out I felt a familiar vibration on my hip.  Instinctively I reached down to pull out the Blackberry.  It was at that moment I realized I had left the Blackberry on my hip when I put the Dry Suit on.

Thankfully the Dry Suit seals worked.  Both myself and the blackberry stayed dry!

Melissa’s Cake

One of the primary reasons for starting this blog was to display the family photos. Well, it took awhile, but I been loading photos up into the Gallery. This is great, because I can share with the world photos like the following:

Back on June 9th, right after Jill’s recital, we had a few friends over for cake and coffee. One of the running family jokes is to always ask if the icing on your cake smells funny. If you pull the cake near you face, you know someone will give the cake a nudge into your nose.


On this night Audie, Melissa’s husband,tells MJ that he can make a quick $10 if he pushes the cake into Melissa’s face. MJ, of course, does not hesitate.

It was probably the easiest $10 MJ has made to date! Although I think Audie will continue to pay for sometime to come.

MJ’s Off to Summer Camp with the Scouts

MJ is off to Ten Mile River Scout camp with his Troop. This is the second week this summer that he is away from us. I’m a bit anxious to hear how this coming week turns out for him. He has planned to work on the swimming, mammal study, leather work and wood carving merit badges. Being up in a remote of an area in New York, we have to wait until this coming Saturday to find out how anything.

It was fun to work with MJ showing him how packing an entire week’s worth of clothes into his backpack. The backpack actually had some spare room after we were done!

Saturday can’t come soon enough.